Ten Nights of Dreams by NATSUME Soseki – The Eighth Night



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  1. 今度ゆっくり聞かせて頂きます。

  2. I have seen today that you deleted the web Have you erased what you had uploaded there? You didn't like that web? Are you going to put it in another page?... I think it is better to have everything only in one web but I don't understand why you got rid of what you had already done. You have done a great job and some people, it doesn't matter how few, may want to enjoy your old recordings anyway. I think it would be a good idea to "wrap" your web in a better "paper" (for instance with this wordpress template or this other and uploading it to a free hosting service, trying also to improve your SEO if it is possible. I think what you have done deserves something better than just a dry "Japanese Classical Literature Audiobooks" without images.

  3. Rafael-san;
    I'm sorry to tell you I've deleted the old site and I am unable to upload its files as I don't have them. They are gone with my broken PC.
    Thank you very much for your kind words on my recording of the past. That is more than they deserve.
    Regarding the bit dry new site here, it's intentionally done so. Since I have limited time and resources, I have to ask you to bear with it. I may be able to improve it.
    Again, thank you so much for your listening. Let me try to upload new recording next year.

  4. Hi, it is a pity that you lost so much work done during those years... as for the rest, don't worry, you don't have to ask me to bear with anything, I am already very happy with what you have done, I just thought about possible ways to improve it... in my free time during the next weeks I will make the web I have mentioned before. I think the bridge theme templates are great and webs like allow you to host a web for free. I then can try to make it known in the Spanish-speaking side of the world... let's see what happens. Meanwhile, you have here a preview of what I have in mind, it is just an idea made in 15 minutes in cinema4d to see if it works. It obviously needs some improvement but I think that receiving your web site listeners with big images like this one and then lead them through the menu to the recordings of the authors it will improve visually everything and make it more attractive.

  5. Thank you for your advices. It would be wonderful to have an improved site. Let me try.